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cookie audit

redoptics May 16, 2012 @ 04:54AM EDT
Hey Support Team,

I am currently undertaking a cookie audit and need descriptions of what your cookies do, I also need to know when they expire and if they are persistent or session cookies. I have listed the ones needed below, ihave read the other replies to similar questions. I need you to elaborate on the descriptions given. I welcome hearing from you.

Kind Regards


1 Community Answers

Best Answer
Paul May 16, 2012 @ 10:23AM EDT

Like most third-party website tools, AddThis uses cookies in a variety of ways. When you include AddThis tools in your pages, your visitors will likely receive additional cookies. Here's how it works.

1. AddThis tools set cookies as part of its user measurement and analytics features. These cookies are set on the domain, and include:

- uid - Uniquely assigned machine-generated user ID
- di/dt - Maintenance cookies that help manage expiration for other cookies
- bt - User interest modeling
- uvc - Measures how often we see an AddThis user
- ssc/psc/uvc - These cookies are used in recording user sharing and social activity
- loc - Geolocation, used to help publishers know approximately where people sharing information are located. (State level)

2. The AddThis website sets its own cookies. These cookies include cookies set by the analytics and other third party packages we ourselves use, such as Google Analytics, as well as those set for functional purposes as part of console login, for example. These cookies are set on and do not affect your own site or visitors.

3. The AddThis tools use cookies to manage user sharing preferences. These cookies are set on, and include

- uss/ups - Used to record user-specified sharing preferences
- ssh/sshs - Used for optimizing sharing settings for the user.
- dbm - User preferences on whether to see toolbar download options

4. The AddThis tools also, in some circumstances, set cookies on the first-party website domain much like Google Analytics and other packages do. These cookies are used for per-site user preferences and analytics, and are always preceded with an underscore.

5. Finally, the AddThis tools may expose visitors to various advertising partners, who may in turn set cookies themselves. Any cookies delivered in this way will only be set on the partner's domain.

For more information on how these practices relate to our privacy features, advertising offerings, and user opt-out, see our What you Should Know page.

Note that there are some additional exceptions to the cookie behavior described here, including when AddThis is in use on cookie-restricted properties such as .gov and .mil domains. For more information, feel free to ask us.

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