You supplied an invalid value for the parameter 'dest'./

pierianeft Jul 19, 2013 12:09PM EDT

1. Does Addthis support its users, or not? I see many questions here with NO answers. Stranger still, i see see that many UNanswered questiona are marked as "Closed". If i cannot rely on addthis for suppoet, i want to know BEFORE i get heavily involved with their products.

2. Right now, i simply use Addthis to share weblinks to my Pinterest account. But i am suddenly getting the following error: "You supplied an invalid value for the parameter 'dest'. " This seems to be happening on any website that i attempt to pin. i find it very troubling that my search results in the "Support"section of your website turn uplots of results regarding this error- and NO answers.


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Paul (AddThis Happiness Specialist) Jul 19, 2013 01:54PM EDT
1. What you're seeing are probably older posts that are closed automatically by our support system.

2. We had an outage today that might have been the cause of this. Could you try again?

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