Error "You supplied an invalid value for the parameter 'dest'."

developers Jul 19, 2013 10:48AM EDT

Hi Guys,

when trying to share the following url "" ( click on "Empfehlen" ) via g+, xing, linkedin and tumblr, we get the above mentioned error message.

Could you please look into this?

Thank you and kind regards,

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Paul (AddThis Happiness Specialist) Jul 19, 2013 01:24PM EDT
This is probably related to a sharing outage we had earlier today. We've fixed it and sharing should be working now.
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developers Jul 22, 2013 02:14PM EDT
Hi Paul,

thanks for your quick reply. It's working again now, indeed!
It would be great if you could show a little more information about the nature of the problem in that case -- we spent quite a while debugging our code, until we realized the error wasn't on our side :-)

Thank you,

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