Trending Content Box API


The Trending content box uses your analytics to feature top content on your site to keep visitors engaged and drive more pageviews.


How it works

The analytics generated by the AddThis tools on your pages are used to generate a few limited public feeds of your top content (known as Content Feeds). The tool automatically pulls in the content feed of your choice and, if there is data available, it will display a box linking to the top pages in the feed. The box simply shows a header and as many links as you specify, within the limits of the box height. The link text will be the title of the pages.


Use our API to customize the box and the links that should be displayed.  If you are familiar with our other tools, you will find the following options very familiar and easy to implement.



The box can be configured by passing in a configuration object in addition to the identifier that matches the element where the content should be rendered.  You can specify any of the options below."#addthis_trendingcontent", {
   // ... members go here
Configuration Options
Name Description Type Default value
pubid Your AddThis Profile ID. Always global to a page. string none
feed_title The title to display at the top of the plugin.  To disable the feed_title and not show anything, specify the configuration option feed_title and an empty string. string "Most Popular"
domain Links can be filtered to a specific domain string none
feed_service Links can be filtered to a specific service. View full service list. string none
feed_type Specify the type of activity you want to leverage to generate your feed.

trending - content that is growing in popularity
shared - most shared content
clicks - most clicked content
string trending
feed_period Specify the period of time that should be used to generate your feed.

string week
num_links The number of links to display integer 5
height The height of the box in pixels.  You can also specify "auto" to have the box auto-size itself based on the contents and space available. integer or "auto" auto
width The width of the box in pixels.  You can also specify "auto" to have the box auto-size itself based on the contents and space available. integer or "auto" 300
border The border color of the box.  For example, "#000" would make the border white. hex string none
background The background color of the box.  For example, "#FFF" would make the background white. hex string none
link_target The "target" attribute for the links. string _top
remove Text that you want removed from the beginning and end of titles.  Useful if you have text added to your titles for SEO like " |".  string none
url_filter Specific URL(s) that you don't want to be displayed within the Trending Content Box.  You can either specify an individual url or an array of urls. string or array none
title_filter Specific title(s) that you don't want to be displayed within the Trending Content Box.  You can either specify an individual title or an array of titles. string or array none
transform A custom function that can be used to transform the title/url that gets rendered for each feed item.  If you use this, you must either return an object with a title and url attribute for anything to be rendered.  No return value or a value of false/null will exclude the item from the Trending content box. An example function that just outputs the title and url to the console would be:

var transformFunc = function(urlTitle) {
return urlTitle;
function none
tag To disable click tracking on links (#cfd-1.0) displayed in the Trending Content Box, set this attribute to "false". string true

Attribute-based Configuration

In addition, you can specify parameters as custom attributes on the div element themselves. All the parameters described above are available, with the prefix addthis:. Let's look at some examples:

To specify a custom domain to filter the links:

<div id="addthis_trendingcontent" addthis:domain=""></div>

To specify a border color:

<div id="addthis_trendingcontent" addthis:border="#EEEEEE"></div>



Similar to our sharing buttons, we offer the ability to register to be notified when a specific event occurs. Learn more about event handlers.

Event Types

Code Description Data Dispatched when a user clicks on a link url: the url of the link clicked
addthis.trending.empty Dispatched if there is no data to be rendered none
addthis.trending.render Dispatched when the box has been rendered config: custom configuration
container: HTML element containing 

Enabling Your Feeds

Before you can use the Trending content box, content feeds must be enable for your publisher profile. To do this, visit your profile settings page and choose the profile you'd like to access (you may have only one profile). Scroll down to content feeds, select the checkbox and click save to enable your feed.

The rest of your analytics data will remain private and can be accessed via our password protected analytics api.

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2013 02:00PM EDT
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