Analytics Reports

AddThis offers several different analytics reports to help you understand how your visitors are sharing your content:

  • Summary Report: displays highlights from all available reports
  • Content Trends: compares all content that has been shared
  • Content Details: provides detailed information about a particular page
  • Audience Trends: reports on who visits your site, how influential they are, their intent-behaviors such as searches as well as general interests
  • Service Trends: compares sharing services and destinations
  • Service Details: provides detailed information about how visitors use a particular service such as Facebook
  • Geography Trends: compares sharing across countries
  • Country Details: provides detailed information about sharing within a given country
  • Live View: watch how visitors engage with your content in real-time


You can also access your AddThis sharing stats via Google Analytics and our Analytics API.

Report Descriptions

Let's take a closer look at each of the available reports.

Analytics Summary
Analytics Summary

This first report summarizes the most important information about how AddThis is helping you grow traffic and followers. It includes a view of shares, traffic and follows over time, as well as top sharing destinations, traffic sources and a look at how your site is performing on mobile devices. You can view your top content sorted several different ways, and understand how tools such as the Trending Content Box or Welcome Bar are helping to distribute content and engage visitors.

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Top Content
Content Trends

This report shows which pages are being shared most frequently, and which are bringing the most traffic back to your site by tracking Clicks and Viral Lift. Click on any page to dive deeper into Content Details.

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Content Detail
Content Details

This report takes a closer look at a particular page, how it is being shared and how much traffic it is bringing back to your site. Discover what referring domains and search keywords brought your audience to this page, as well as Retweets and people who "Liked" this page on Facebook.

To view this report, visit Content Trends and select a page to explore.


Audience Report
Audience Trends

Ever wondered how large your audience of sharers is? What interests them not just on your site, but across the Internet?

The Audience Trends report measures the number of visitors who interacted with your site: sharers, influencers – those whose shares drive back traffic – and the new visitors who clicked on those shared links.

The Top Interests chart displays what interests each audience most across their web experiences, and how your site's unique blend of audience interests compares to the average site in the AddThis network.


Some interests that are unusually high might be expected – for instance, a large Computers & Technology audience interested in a blog about Social Media. Other interests skewing high or low might be more unexpected, and provide insight into audience interests of which a publisher was unaware.

This 360 degree portrait of each audience can provide insights into content strategy, advertising targeting and many other important decisions that publishers make every day.

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Service Trends
Service Trends

The Services report explores to which destinations visitors are sharing content: which services are most popular? How many pages were shared to Facebook? How did this information change over time?

This report also helps publishers understand which services are bringing the most traffic back – their "viral lift" – and summarizes services by category, providing insights into which categories of destinations are are performing best for that particular site.

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Service Detail
Service Details

Take a closer look at a particular service such as Facebook or Twitter, how your users are sharing, and how successfully that service is bringing traffic back – it's "viral lift". Learn what content was shared to this service, in which countries it's most popular, and more.

To view this report, visit Service Trends and select a services to explore.


Geography Trends
Geography Trends

The Geography report helps you understand who is viewing and sharing your content, by location. How many pages were shared from North America, Europe, etc? How did this information change over time? And now, for the first time, publishers can dive into a country to learn more with the new Country Details report.

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Geographic Detail
Country Details

Discover how shares and clicks back to your site grow over time in a particular country. What content was shared there? Which sharing destinations are most popular?

To view this report, visit Geography Trends and select a country to explore.


Live Viewl

Live Viewl
Live View

This report provides a look at what’s happening right now, across your site or for a specific page, including:

  • A map showing where people are engaging with your site
  • A list of your top content based on shares, traffic back to your site, and more
  • Your viewers’ interests, and what they’re saying about your content on Twitter


The Live View also introduces new types of information:

  • Searches: How many searches are bringing traffic to your site? What are your visitors looking for?
  • Text copy tracking: Text that visitors copy can help you understand what they found interesting, and whether these keywords align with your search meta-data to help maximize SEO. Learn more


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