Text Copy Tracking

Last Updated: May 31, 2013 03:24PM EDT

Text Copy Tracking measures the text users copy to their clipboards from your site. We do not track what users do with these copied keywords, but it is likely that many are put into a search engine. These keywords should give you a better idea of your audience's specific interests and reveal opportunities to keep users engaged with your site. For privacy reasons, we omit any copies that appear to be a URL, an email address, or a phone number. You can use it on any page, but it will only be active for site visitors who are using a supported browser.

How it Works

AddThis tracks text copied on your pages to help you understand what words are most interesting to your visitors.Text copy tracking works by hooking into your browser's native JavaScript copy events (see, for example, Mozilla's documentation). AddThis can then display a list of the most popular words and phrases for your most popular pages.

Please note that AddThis processes copied text only for your most popular pages, and stores this information by month. This allows us to present your analytics reports more quickly and efficiently.


Text copy tracking is enabled by default on pages that have AddThis installed.  You can disable it using a client api parameter:
var addthis_config =
    data_track_textcopy: false 


Text copies will be displayed as the occur in your Live View analytics report. In addition, the most popular words and phrases copied on your most popular pages appear in your Content Trends and individual Content Detail analytics reports.

Because we store this information on a monthly basis, top keywords may not be representative of the specific date range you select.

Supported Browsers

Text copy tracking relies on the native onCopy event in JavaScript. Our coverage will grow as users update their browsers; currently, copy tracking is only available in these browsers:
  • Firefox 3+
  • Chrome 13+
  • Safari 5+
  • IE 9+
This means that we can only directly measure a portion of your users' copy events. We cover most browsers worldwide according to statcounter.

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