Custom Translation

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2013 02:58PM EDT

If you don't like our translations or your language is not yet supported you can provide your own translations.

addthis_localize (optional)
Javascript object containing the following name/value pairs:
share_caption (optional)
Replaces "Bookmark & Share"
email_caption (optional)
Replaces "Email a Friend"
email (optional)
Replaces "Email"
favorites (optional)
Replaces "Favorites"
more (optional)
Replaces "More"

This example uses Pig Latin, a silly variation of English.

var addthis_localize = {
 	share_caption: "Ookmarkbay & Areshay",
 	email_caption: "Emailway away Iendfray", 	email: "Emailway",
 	favorites: "Avoritesfay",
  	more: "Oremay" };  

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